Criminal Defense Investigators in New York City, NY, NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx & Staten Island…All Boros!…

How can the use of New York City Private Investigators help you in your defense? If you ever got arrested, then you realize that a strong defense with supporting evidence will be critical in defending yourself. Whether its a Federal or State charge against you, crucial experienced nyc private investigators can assist you in the development of this crucial evidence.

JL & Associates, Ltd. with over 65 yrs of combined former Federal, State & Local Investigative experience, can provide a team of experienced licensed private investigators which has been the most trustworthy and tenacious professionals our industry has ever seen to handle such criminal matters.

We understand the importance of the charges against you, and working with your attorney, we can provide crucial evidence by locating of witnesses, reviewing of police reports, collecting of undiscovered background evidence, ascertaining digital evidence and uncovering the REAL facts of the case.

In addition, NYC Criminal Defense Investigators, can also possible convince a jury by expert testimony of the collection of such evidence, which the prosecutor failed to uncover or reveal.

Criminal Defense Investigations is also about finding mistakes and holes in the prosecutions case and presenting strong evidence that refutes those claims. “Exculpatory Evidence” means evidence favorable to the defendant, that exonerates the defendant of guilt, which the prosecution may have not revealed to the defense team.

These are all the different ways where a New York City Private Investigator can assist you with your defense. If you have any further questions about the use or other areas of services we provide you may contact us at 212-949-6530 or see our website at