Long Island Private Investigators

Long Island is a densely populated island in the southeast part of the United States of New York, in the northeastern US, beginning at New York Harbor extending eastward into the Alantic Ocean.. The island comprises of two counties Nassau County share the western third of the island, while Suffolk County occupies the eastern two-thirds. More than half of New York City’s residents now live on Long Island. However, many people in the New York Metropolitan area(even in Brooklyn and Queens) colloquially use the term Long Island (or the Island) to refer exclusively to Nassau and Suffolk Counties, and conversely, employ the term the City to mean Manhattan alone.

Long Island Investigations are a bit different than conducting investigations in the five boros of New York City. Why choose our top rated Long Island Private Investigators for all your investigative needs? Because we are the most experienced and rated # 1 in results private investigative firm located in Long Island, New York.

We are a premier Long Island Private Investigative Firm that conducts Corporate, Civil & Criminal Private Investigations in Long Island, Nassau & Suffolk Counties. From Garden City to The Hamptons, & Shelter Island our top rated private investigators serve every community with unparalleled service. With over 65 years of combined service experience, our former Federal, State & Local, Male & Female Investigators can assist you with any matter you can’t share anywhere else!..

Plus, our top rated New York State, Licensed, Bonded & Insured private investigators lead the industry with the most state-of-the art equipment that results in our solving thousands of cases, with real evidence providing “peace of mind” to our clients.

All our top rated long island private investigators live on Long Island, therefore, have a strong bond and need to serve the people of their communities. Even, if you don’t live on Long Island but the problem or your case exists here, we are the most trusted top Long Island Private Investigators with the most experience.

Our domestic cases Include:

Infidelity, Divorce, Pre-Marital , Child Custody, Missing Persons, Lost Loves, Abduction, Undercover Decoys, Surveillance & Much More.

So, whether you are a Fortune 500 Corporation, a CEO, an influential politician or just the average Joe , we have help thousands by fitting the right top long island private investigator with the correct application.

For a FREE confidential consultation by phone or to make an appointment in our Long Island office located at 864 Willis Avenue, Albertson, New York please contact us @ 516-248-7111 or by email @ info@JLAssoc.com.