CORPORATE INVESTIGATIONS Employee & Witness Interviews

What is an Investigative Interview?

In this day and age of political correctness, as an employer or a co-worker in the workplace, you may need to protect yourself from false allegations of misconduct. These types of false allegations can cripple a business or co-workers reputation resulting in loss of profits or unemployment. False allegations of any sort(Civil or Criminal) may require some solid evidence to defend yourself.   

The objective of any workplace investigation is to gather the facts so you can make an informed decision.  How you interview those employees and witnesses can play a very crucial part, when gathering the evidence you require to defend yourself or business.

When we interview an employee or witness, we use specific techniques that have proven to be successful and have given us the ability to ascertain the true facts of the events that actually led up to the allegations. Having the understanding on how these techniques work, is a crucial part of the investigators skill set to complete this task.

Why are employee & witness interviews important?

Employee and witness interviews can play a significant role in changing the direction and perception in any civil or criminal matter. The outcome of such interviews may play a deciding factor when trying to reflect or ascertain the truth of any allegation. This type of information revealed can be a mitigating factor in any legal matter and decision making.

JL & ASSOCIATES, LTD. with over 65 years of combined service experience has conducted thousands of employee & witness interviews, which have given employers and co-workers the results and peace of mind they been searching for. Starting with the basic facts of any allegation, an investigator with proper training and experience will be able to dissect through the material and perform fact revealing information.

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